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EPI - electronic preliminary informing of the customs about the importation of goods to the territory of the Customs Union

The EPI (the electronic preliminary informing) consists in the provision of information on transport facilities and goods being imported to the customs of a state being a member of the Customs Union (Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan) on the territory of which a passing check-point is situated.

The «AlkidTrans» Company offers the full package of services on forming an electronic copy of shipping documentation in order to cut down to a considerable degree the time the international carriers spend while passing customs formalities at border check-points.

Our experts will correctly and efficiently perform all required customs formalities, having considerably cut down your time and material costs.

For rendering service on a preliminary informing of customs authorities it is necessary:

  • 1.To apply to our Company and set up a contract on rendering services on electronic preliminary informing of the customs authorities;
  • 2.To send by means of E-mail or Skype the package of scanned shipping documentation and the following information:
  • +TIR-Carnet (a cover with a currency date of a TIR-Carnet and the first completed page of a TIR-Carnet);
  • +Bill of Lading (CMR);
  • +Commercial invoice;
  • +Packing List, specifications (nomenclature) of goods;
  • +Certificate of the registration of a transport facility (a haulage truck, trailer, semitrailer);
  • +Passport details of a driver (facing pages with a holder’s photo);
  • +Number of a driver’s cellular telephone to which a number of the electronic preliminary informing will be sent;
  • +A concrete entry point in the Republic of Belarus or the Russian Federation (for example, Kozlovichy, Kamenny Log, Kotlovka, Bruzgy, Berestovitsa, Novaya Rudnya etc.).

After the EPI has been formed a SMS-message containing the unique identification freightage number which is being given by the customs authority to each consignment of goods will be immediately sent to the stated number of a driver’s cellular telephone. At the time of passing customs formalities in the entry point at the Belarusian or Russian border a driver just reports this EPI-number to a customs inspector.
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